Internet Ill.

Though I mostly love the internet and all of the wonderful sources of distraction and knowledge it brings me on a daily basis, there are also times when I wish I could swear off of the internet all together. Or at least off of everything but Netflix. I gotta have my Netflix.

But honestly, though I spend many any hour on Tumblr, Facebook, Imgur, Imgfave, YouTube and the likes, I often find myself disgusted with the gross amount of time I waste on the internet.

I hate realizing that I’ve wasted hours I could have spent reading or writing or being with friends or even just watching a television show or movie that has caught my interest.

But instead of doing any of that I wasted precious hours of my life looking at dumb, silly, cute, or just plan mean pictures on the internet. And why? Why do I do it? Just because I can. Because it’s there. Because I know that I can type in a few little words and have some way to subdue my brain for a few hours.

And that makes me sick.

We are a society that wants to be constantly entertained and distracted and the internet gives us the means to have that 24/7. And I think it’s destroying our culture.

Any given day as I sit in class I look around at the computers of the students around me and rarely do I see anything that’s related to the class we’re in. And I can’t say I’m innocent. I do it as much as the next person. It happens in classrooms and it happens in the workplace. See the links at the bottom of this post for some upsetting statistics on this.

Even now, as I write this, I’m sitting in a film class for which I am the assistant. The class is watching Jaws, and all I‘m here to do is wait for the movie to finish so I can turn it off. So I look around at the students and I see multiple people on Facebook, a girl playing Tetris, and a guy working on his math homework.

We have become so desperate to be entertained that even when we’re entertained it’s not enough. We have to have multiple things going at once. I can’t say I know how this can be solved. But I think it’s something we should be more concerned about.

Take the time to look up from the computer screen. Read a book (and not just a textbook). Watch a movie with your friends. Hell, watch a movie by yourself and JUST watch the movie. Don’t do homework, don’t be on Facebook. Just be in the moment.

I dare you.


One thought on “Internet Ill.

  1. Yikes, I plead guilty too. It’s hard to focus on just one thing (take homework, for example) when it can be more fun listening to music while you read. Plus, Spotify and YouTube are just one click away. Sometimes I feel like our entertainment and technology infiltrates so much of the other aspects of our lives (e.g. time with people, homework, etc.) that it’s hard to think of them as separate things. Do you think this “additction” is something we can get out of as a generation? Or do you think it’s here to stay?


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